The impact of contextual factors on English language teachers’ beliefs

Ertan Altınsoy, Zuhal Okan



The purpose of this research is threefold.  First, the relationship between teachers’ beliefs and contextual factors is explored. Second, the factor which is most significant as perceived by the teachers themselves will be presented and finally, the existence of a meaningful difference between public and private school English teachers in terms of perceived impact of contextual factors will be examined. A scale was developed by the researchers and 210 public and private school English teachers completed it. For further data, 14 participants were interviewed. The data revealed a significant relationship between contextual factors and English language teachers’ beliefs and practices. It was also found out that student oriented contextual factors have the greatest impact on English language teachers. Except teacher and management oriented contextual factors, meaningful difference was observed between public school and private school English teachers in terms of policy, classroom, inspection, and student oriented contextual factors.



Contextual factors; teacher beliefs; student oriented contextual factors; policy oriented contextual factors; classroom oriented contextual factors; teacher oriented contextual factors; school management oriented contextual factors

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