Learning indicators of a foreign language in Spanish public university. Case study

María-Teresa Cáceres-Lorenzo, Marcos Salas-Pascual, Isabel-Cristina Alfonzo-de-Tovar, Yaiza Santana-Alvarado, Cristina Santana-Quintana, María-Jesús Vera-Cazorla


This article investigates 292 postgraduate students of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Canary Islands, Spain), through a questionnaire designed with Likert scale. This inquiry was about certain indicators (private, educational actions and learning valuation of a foreign language) and its relation with the learning of one or several foreign languages. The analysis of the obtained information from the coefficient of Pearson's correlation shows us that 60% of the students has certificates in a foreign language, although the international mobility does not overcome 19%. This research must be extended in other Spanish universities in order to be able to evaluate the communicative competence according to the Europe 2020 strategy.



Learning foreign languages; European Higher Education Area; Spanish public university Spain; Europe 2020 strategy

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